Are angels ever named?

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Re: Are angels ever named?

Post by jimwalton » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:08 am

The only angels named in the Bible are Gabriel and Michael. As far as the Book of Enoch and Paradise Lost, we as Christians don't consider either of them authoritative, and anything written in them is fictional, not reliable information. But you're writing a fiction anyway, so I don't know how much you care about realism.

But in the Bible Michael is an archangel. He shows up and is named 4 times (Dan. 10.13, 21; Jude 1.9; Rev. 12.7). That doesn't give us a whole lot of information to go by. Almost nothing is told about Michael in Daniel. Jude is an odd little book, and Jude 1.9 is a notoriously difficult verse. It also has precious little information about Michael. He is the only archangel ever mentioned, and the noun is only ever singular. The implication may be, though we can't tell, that there is only one such being. In Daniel he is called the chief of princes. The other princes may or may not be archangels, or they may be lesser spiritual powers over which the archangel is ruler.

Michael also shows up in Rev. 12.7.

During the intertestamental period there arose a body of writings about angels—all made-up stuff as far as any of us can tell. Through the ages many people have devised all kinds of hierarchies of spiritual beings (such hierarchies are not part of the Bible) complete with names and ranks. It's all fictional. There's no end to the fanciful literature about angels and demons.

Gabriel also shows up 4 times in the Bible (Dan. 8.16-19; 9.21; Lk. 1.19, 26), again with precious little information about him. We find out he is able to interpret the vision for Daniel. In Luke he is the bearer of a message to Mary. So Gabriel delivers and explains messages, and answers questions concerning them. It isn't much to go by.

If you want accurate information bout angelology, you should look in a systematic theology book.

> from whom generally would Third Sphere angels take orders?

Third Sphere angels are a fabrication, so you can make them take order from whomever you wish in your story.

Are angels ever named?

Post by Maximillian » Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:21 pm

Are messenger angels ever named in the bible also, looking for good source on Angelology.

I want to write a story about two angels wandering earth together meddling in human affairs, interacting with other angels overseeing nations, the cosmos, and so forth. Is this realistic? I intend to do a lot more research (and reread the bible for the first time since primary school) but I figured this might be a decent place to start. Also, from whom generally would Third Sphere angels take orders?