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Former Satanic High Priest

Postby Willy Grover » Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:02 pm

"Former Satanic/Witch/Warlock High Priest(ess)"

I listen to podcast & radio shows like "Beyond the Darkness" & "Coast to Coast AM". From time to time they'll have guest on who were once part of a secret coven & that they were powerful high priest(ess) who had a direct line to Satan. You know, the typical resume padding.
I have a hard time taking these people seriously because they all pretty much have the same resume before converting to Christianity. It's never some low-level peon who got weirded out after one ritual. So I have to ask, do Christians actually take these people seriously?
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Re: Former Satanic High Priest

Postby jimwalton » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:26 pm

It's awfully hard to generalize, stereotype, and judge. I try to be careful not to do that. Your point is well taken, however. It's so often a Big Cheese and never a low-level peon. It's hard to judge because it's not like I get to meet these people and find out what they're really like and what their story really is. I guess I would say (if I ever heard them speak, but I don't watch or listen to those stations, and I guess I've never been in a church or conference where such a person was the speaker) that we'd have to evaluate each case separately. Maybe it's so, but maybe it's, as you say, self-aggrandizing resume padding. I'd hate to just pre-judge without knowing more.
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Re: Former Satanic High Priest

Postby Garnet » Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:38 am

It could also be the TV stations or radio stations seek out these 'high ranking' types for their own ratings, knowing how to draw more listeners. And not necessarily that these people are fakes.

I do have a very dear friend who was just an average witch and came to know the Lord, and she was actually featured on the 700 Club. But she did have a story, and was running quite a ministry for ex-witches. But you're right, It's usually the big cheese, as you say, that we see the most. Again though, is it because they're fake? It does happen. I can think of one high profile case that turned out to be based on lies. But I can't believe that some aren't very legit, and they are the ones sought out for a bigger and better story.

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