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Our sin is God's fault

Postby Corinthian » Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:47 pm

Why do we have the flaws we do? Because God made us that way. God created us sick, and commanded us to be well, and punishes us when we are unable to comply.

Re: Our sin is God's fault

Postby jimwalton » Sat Oct 04, 2014 2:26 pm

God can't possibly create us divine (without the possibility of flaws), because "divine" by definition means "uncreated." Therefore, as created beings, we are less than eternal, and less than anything else that God is. As God's image, we are like him, but with limitations (necessary because we are created, not eternal, beings). God didn't create us sick. Nor did he command us to be well. Nor does he punish us when we can't comply. He created us in his image as created beings. We had (and have) free will, and free will implies that ability to self-determine. People chose to separate themselves from God. It was a legitimate, moral choice. When people separate from God, they are vulnerable to the consequences of being separated from God. At what point is God to blame for (1) creating us the best that was possible (since being "uncreated" and therefore divine was not one of the possibilities), (2) Investing us with free will so that we would know and could exercise choice and love, (3) warning us about the consequences of disobedience, and then (4) creating a plan to restore us, at large sacrifice to himself, when we chose to defy and disobey?

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