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Who wrote the book of ________?

Postby Blissful » Thu Jun 15, 2017 9:58 pm

Who wrote the following books and when did they write them?




I and II Timothy


(By who, I mean the physical human hand they were written through.)

How many of these did you know the answer to immediately? Provide your first response without looking it up. Feel free to expound with sources after that.

Re: Who wrote the book of ________?

Postby jimwalton » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:20 pm

Job - no one knows, and the Bible doesn't claim a specific author. The setting of the book and the cultural markers and language place the book in about 2000 BC, so it could be the oldest book in the Bible.

Exodus - I believe Moses was the author, but he didn't physically write it. Hebrew wasn't invented as a language until about 1000 BC, so the Hebrew we have that is the book of Exodus cannot have been his words and his hand. But in the same sense that I could assemble a book of quotes by Abraham Lincoln and claim that Abe was the writer (even though I was the writer), Moses is the authority behind Exodus. I believe the words were his, the teachings his, the stories his, assembled later and written in Hebrew.

Mark - I believe Mark is the writer, for many reasons.

1\. Mark appears in most extant manuscripts, in a different place on each one, suggesting it was added by an editor. Had the Gospel truly been anonymous, each community who received a copy probably would have added a different name.

2\. It doesn't make any sense that someone would adopt Mark's name as a pseudonym. There is no reason the oldest traditions would uniformly associate the Gospel with Mark without some good historical reason.

3\. The writing of this Gospel would not have been entrusted to a Mr. Nobody, but to a recognized personality in the church who could appeal to an even greater authority. To think that anyone could write a Gospel that early Christians would unanimously accept as authoritative stretches credibility.

4\. Papias says it was Mark.

Those are a few.

1 & 2 Timothy - Paul. If these are forgeries, someone "out-Pauled" Paul. They are filled with his confessional formulas, his theology, his causes, his emphases, his language (vocabulary), his stress on church organization and discipline. The early Church Fathers quote them as Paul's.

Revelation - No one knows. The author identifies himself only as John, and we don't know which "John" it was.

> How many of these did you know the answer to immediately?

All of them.

> When were these written?

Job - Probably in about 2000 BC.

Exodus - There are some passages in it that clearly date back to about 1300 BC. It couldn't have been put to parchment before 1000 because it's in Hebrew.

Mark - The evidence is reasonably strong that it was written in the late 50s.

1 & 2 Timothy - Probably in the early 60s.

Revelation - Unknown, but probably in about 90. There are some guesses that put it as early as in the 60s.

> (By who, I mean the physical human hand they were written through.)

Job - Unknown.

Exodus - An editor sometime after 1000 BC

Mark - Possibly himself, but many writers used secretaries (professional scribes).

1 & 2 Timothy - Paul probably dictated to a secretary.

Revelation - Unknown.

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