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Why did God create?

Postby Says Me » Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:36 pm

Why did God create the universe, earth, life, humans or anything at all? I've been thinking about this lately and was just wondering what various ideas other Christians had. Thanks.
Says Me

Re: Why did God create?

Postby jimwalton » Thu Nov 10, 2016 7:42 pm

God created the cosmos to be a suitable temple for himself. Knowing that he would be seeking an eternal love relationship with humans, he needed a temple to dwell in that was fitting for a God of his stature. Rather than a temple built by human hands that would be terribly inadequate, he built a temple for himself that would be an adequate place for him to live and appropriately reflect his glory, more than any man-made temple could do.

Secondly, people often wonder why God created humans. Watchman Nee, in "The Normal Christian Life" (pp. 73-75) makes an intriguing stab at that question and concludes: The divine purpose in creation and redemption was that God should have many children. He wanted us. God was not satisfied that Christ should remain his only begotten son. He wanted more children who were like Christ and likewise glorified.
- Rom. 8.16-18 – heirs of God, his children
- Rom. 8.29-30 – Jesus is firstborn among many brothers
- John 1.14 – Jesus was God’s only begotten, but (v.12) he wanted more children
- Heb. 2.10 – God wanted to glorify more sons

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