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Abortion is good, right?

Postby Google » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:55 am

Do aborted babies go to heaven? I've been told by Chistians that they do. An Abortion literally lets the "person" skip the test and get the prize. Where is the moral issue? It's a bonus, if you believe in an eternal heaven. Right? Can someone explain the counter argument?

Re: Abortion is good, right?

Postby jimwalton » Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:58 am

The argument you have posed is a utilitarian argument: Do whatever works. The end justifies the mean.

It has been correctly objected that principles of this sort can yield absolutely awful results. Suppose the greatest happiness of the greatest number of people can be achieved by enslaving or killing the rest? Many illustrations of this sort are fatal to your proposal. This is not a moral principle, but rather than abandonment of morality. You put so-called morality in the hands of the powerful to define a supposed "good outcome," and in the process possibly justifying the most horrendous means at hand.

Instead, the means have to pass the test of goodness and morality also, in order for the equation to balance.

Instead, Christians would take a deontologist viewpoint: the rightness or wrongness of an act derives from the action itself and not from solely the consequence of the act. If a person is ethical and seeking a justifiably ethical end, then he should be ethical at all times without exception. The means are just as important as the ends. It is self-contradictory for some who claims to have high moral standards and a moral goal to engage in morally dubious behavior to achieve a moral end. Instead, we look for moral means to moral ends so there is no self-contradiction. It is very hard to justify an unethical act by stating that the goodness of the outcome outweighs any wrongdoing. No excuse can make a morally wrong decision a right one. Taking an unethical step to solve a problem makes a person just as guilty and immoral as the original wrongdoer. Instead, the ends and means must be worthy of each other.

While many Christians believe that aborted children go to heaven, frankly the Bible makes no definitive statement on it. Therefore we are wildly and immorally remiss to abort babies to "Skip the test and get the prize."

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