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Life on other planets

Postby Losaurus » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:47 pm

Do you think it's likely that God has created life (possibly even other humans) on other planets? If not, would the discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe that has not received the word effect your faith?

I am an agnostic but I enjoy theology discussions and talking about weird hypotheticals with knowledgeable religious people.

I no longer see the kindly old Jehovah's Witness who used to come to my house to try and convert me, so I thought I'd ask this here as this is one the questions I had prepared for our next talk.

I'd love to read some apologetics about this idea, if that exists.

Re: Life on other planets

Postby jimwalton » Thu Jan 24, 2019 1:08 am

I wouldn't necessarily say it's "likely" that God has created life on other planets, but it's possible. It's even hard to admit that it might be plausible, but I think it's at least possible.

To answer your second question, discovery of life elsewhere in the universe wouldn't have any effect on my faith. It neither shakes my faith nor disproves the Bible. We have to follow truth wherever it leads. If there's life elsewhere in the universe, then there is. I would have to assume that God has provided some mechanism to reveal himself there as He has here.

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