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Raised a Christian, always a Christian?

Postby Sark » Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:06 pm

Do you believe someone raised Christian is always partially a Christian, even if they don't consider themselves one?

As an example; Greg was raised Christian, but converted to Buddhism and no longer identifies as a Christian whatsoever.

Someone asks you; "You're close friends with Greg, I'm kind of curious what his religion is. Do you know?"

Do you say "He's Buddhist. I know he's not a Christian or a Muslim or whatever other religions there are."? Lumping Christianity with other religions for his context, and considering him as Christian as someone who's never been a Christian.

Or do you say something more along the lines of "He's a Buddhist, but since he was raised Christian, I personally still consider him to partially be one, so I guess he's a Christian Buddhist or something."?

But if Greg identifies as partially Christian (since that's how he was raised) after converting to Buddhism, would you consider him partially Christian, or not a Christian at all?

Re: Raised a Christian, always a Christian?

Postby jimwalton » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:40 pm

No, they're not. Just because someone was raised a Christian doesn't mean they're really Christian—that they made their love for Jesus and their commitment to him their own. Being a Christian is a personal decision, not a group you belong to because you were raised in it or because you're an American.

Would guess that if "Greg" converted to Buddhism, he was never really a Christian. To be raised in a Christian home according to Christian values doesn't make you a Christian. Intentionally committing your life to Jesus and sticking with it your whole life, exhibiting godly characteristics in your life, is what makes you a Christian—being "in Christ."

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