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Why do theists deny climate change?

Postby Tarnished » Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:37 pm

As an atheist who now accepts climate science as it is, if you are a theist who denies human caused climate change, why do you deny it?

I'm an atheist, never been a theist. I accept that there are experts in every field, including fields that study climate. I always assume they know more than me about the fields they are experts in, where I'm not an expert. And I also appreciate consensus among experts.
As such, I've never stood in opposition to expert consensus, including climate change.

But I encounter climate change deniers, and I've decided that the majority of them are theists. But what is perplexing, it's not clear to me why theists, especially Christians, tend to fall in the denier camp more than non theists. When I try to find out what motivates their opposition, I get the usual runaround.

They tend to use the same evasive, cherry picking, and hole poking as creationists use to deny evolution. However, the motivation for evolution denial is clear, it directly contradicts the bible, and creationists aren't usually evasive about this fact.

It feels like climate change denial is similarly motivated by the religion, but I can't pin down exactly how.

What motivates a Christian to deny climate change? Could you shed some light on your motivations, including why you wouldn't just point out the bible if it all did in fact stem from there?

Re: Why do theists deny climate change?

Postby jimwalton » Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:06 pm

I'm a theist and a Christian (conservative evangelical). I never denied climate change, and the Bible teaches that it's our responsibility as God-followers to take care of the Earth, both in terms of environmental responsibility and in terms of scientific inquiry. Oh, I also believe in evolution (after all, the science is solid; and it doesn't contradict the Bible, but we can talk about that if you want).

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